The staff of the County Clerk’s Office is not permitted to prepare legal documents or to dispense legal advice.

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  • Getting Started
    Please Register your Username and Password to begin the registration process.
  • Confirmation Email
    After you receive your confirmation email, please click the link provided in the email to return to the parameter for your alert.
  • Register Party Name
    Register a Party Name and receive alerts when documents are recorded with a matching name. All variations of the name should be registered. For example, John Smith, John A Smith, and John Allen Smith would be entered as Smith John, Smith John A, and Smith John Allen respectively. Entity names may also be registered for an alert. For example, ABC Rentals LLC. Be aware that party names are the predominant index field in County Clerk data.

    Please see the county Official Records Public Search page to verify matching party names from previously recorded documents. Click where indicated to launch the search application, then search on Party Name.
  • Register Property Information
    Alternatively, subscribers may submit parcel data – municipality, tax block and lot for an alert. Be aware that parcel data is not contained in all documents recorded and therefore not captured in the database. The registration of party name(s) is recommended for email alerts. The registration of parcel data is secondary

The role of the County Clerk as the Register of Deeds and Mortgages is to review the documents presented for compliance with statutory requirements and when they meet those requirements to record them in the public record.

Deliver documents and fees to:
Atlantic County Clerk’s Office
5901 Main Street
Mays Landing, NJ 08330

Checks for recording and realty transfer fees should be made payable to “Atlantic County Clerk’s Office”
Checks for Gross Income Tax (GIT/REP-1 and voucher) made payable to “State of NJ – Division of Taxation”

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